Photos of Precise 111 Tube Tester

Photos of Precise 111 Tube Tester for sale on eBay.

This unit is as close to a Lab Tester as it gets and still be called a Service Tester. Some of the photos show missing screws as we had just taken it apart to photograph the internals.... when shipped, it will be completely assembled.

We replaced the front-top cover clamps..... not with the original "Lunch Box" type, but with new "Locking" clamps for security.

Leather covered steel handle replaces the original black plastic handle.

We also added a 16/3 power cable instead of the original 18/2 prong..... the power transformers need all of the current they can get... and now, the tester is grounded for safety.

This is an additional Plate test point... it's just to the right of the original "Plate" test point... We completed this installation per the original Owners Instruction Manual. The extra Plate test point is used to test 9 pin tube sections for Ma draw. The "Plate" test point still tests up to an 8 pin tube, just as the original designer intended.

In this photo and the next three photos, all items circled in Green have been replaced with new capacitors, diodes, etc.

Copy of Owners Manual, schematics, latest (1959) tube roll sheets (my favorite way to work with tubes) and calibration instructions.

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